About” who made the film and why”

I know film is actually a way of promotion but I was surprised politics use the film to promote their position and express their culture, too. I was thinking if The God Father could be so popular during that time is that because the God Father corresponds to the time tends in 60s. As the article mentioned, the film is to make money so what made the director believe the God Father could make money?The amazing thing about the God Father is it is still popular today and many people said it is the movie that a boy must watch after he is old enough. Therefore, it is hard to make sure if the audience today have a same attitude toward the God Father with people in 60s. Therefore what is God Father’s zeitgeist today is also a question to consider. 


“The Godfather” for Inquiry two

 When I saw The Godfather is the 1972’s best picture winner, I was so surprised. The Godfather is one of my favorite movie however I am wondering how a movie which contains bloody scenes and the darkness of human’s mind could be elected to be the best picture winner.  I am so curious about it so I decide to work on this movie and find out the answer by myself. By the way, I love The Godfather so much.

Inspiration for the review of Inquiry 1

I will continue working on my analysis to make it deeper and plump. As suggested, my essay may lack of my own opinions. I will work on my connection between my thesis and prove too.

I will try put the first paragraph as an introduction and then set each of my bullet point as a paragraph and mix up the sequence of the time of the movie. 

The difference between “changing identity” and “the soft rain on a hot mind”

I like changing identity more. 

“Changing identity” focus more  on the plots and the “soft rain on a hot mind” focus on the details and the use of words. 

Changing identity focus on the typical scenes and analyse the protagonist’s psychological state by want happened to him and his action for example the author  repeat the empty subway station a lot since it is a scene change the character’s mind. 

Soft rain on the hot mind focus on the effect of the word that use of original author’s pick such as “ruined city”

The two articles remind me to pay attention to analyse not only the use of typical scene but also how director pick the actors’ line and the background of the scene. 


“The Truman Show”

I want to work with “The Truman Show” for inquiry one.

The movie is so impressing. Once I watched it, I never forgot the movie. My favorite movie scene in “The Truman Show” will be the last talk between the director Christ and Truman. I may focus on Truman’s spirit of exploration and the  whole story is very related to actual life. “The Truman Show” is actually talked about the humanity. I will put effort on analyse the actor’s words and the plot of the story to show how it praise the humanity.