Godfather for inquiry two

Thesis: Godfather reflects crimes, political corruptions, ethnicity and women’s role in 1970s and also give many inspirations for people.

I try to stuck all the themes in my research into my paper there are many points to talk about but I am so worried my paper will be too broad since godfather is a very broad and complex film about American society in 1970s and there are usually many ideas you can find in godfather. I conclude my research into crimes, political corruptions, ethnicity, women’s role and inspiration of godfather. Yes, it is a lot. Godfather should be a tiny history book about American in 1970s. I think I need add more godfather’s plot into my paper to enrich my points  and I have many resources need to put the quote in. Also, I will need to find more plots about political corruption. I will watch the move again this weekend to find more plots that could be useful for my paper.


Should I describe more about the movie?

Is the point I illustrate on each paragraph make sense and logical followed?


“The Godfather Effect “

Santopietro, Tom. The Godfather Effect : Changing Hollywood, America, And Me / Tom Santopietro. n.p.: New York, NY : Thomas Dunne Books, c2012, 2012. MU Library Catalog. Web. 7 Mar. 2014.

The article describes how Godfather set reputation for Hollywood.(149) It tells the progress that Marlon Brando become the Godfather( c1).

“From a purely technical standpoint, a big reason why Don Vito’s world so effortlessly seduces audiences lies in Coppola’s and cinematographer Gordon willis’s decision to use low lighting levels for indoor scenes. to serve a great artistic purpose by helping to delineate Brando’s character.”(134)

“The godfather may have helped define the zeitgeist of the early 1970s, but the film has stood the test of time because it works as both an epic multigenerational saga and as a story of one family” (148)

“The Godfather did not stop with the audience but extended to the nature of Hollywood itself. The blockbuster rollout and extraordinary worldwide nature of the film’s success came to influence the very manner in which Hollywood henceforth conducted business.” (149)

“The Godfather hasn’t just Italianized America -it has held up a national mirror to the American public and told the truth” (263)

Italian has low status jobs in American because their improper English (263)

“Women’s Politics In The 1970S”

Chappell, Marisa. “Rethinking Women’s Politics In The 1970S: The League Of Women Voters And The National Organization For Women Confront Poverty.” Journal Of Women’s History 13.4 (2002): 155-179. Alternative Press Index. Web. 9 Mar. 2014.

1970s is a remarkable time for woman. woman get more working opportunities so their lives could be more independent.(169) Woman began to pay more attention to ask an equal rights. (157) Also women got more chance to be educated. Woman gain their political rights during 1960s to 1970s.

For this resource, my specific target is Kay. The wife of Micheal. We can see from the movie, she is such a strong lady. Kay get college education and meet Micheal at college. She has a kind mind and believe politics could help. She does not want to see her husband become like his father and he got a job when Micheal went to Sicily.

“Crime and Corruption”

“Crime and Corruption Across America, 1972-1988.” FBI. FBI, 21 May 2010. Web. 09 Mar. 2014.

The article provide the description of water gate scandal which lead an impeachment for Nixon two tears later. Domestic crimes become a series problem in 1970s and it even widespread from 1960s. The cold war between American and Soviet Union still worries American. “In the 1930s, Charles “Lucky” Luciano had set up the modern-day La Cosa Nostra, (things of ours) creating the family structure (led by “dons” or “bosses”) and ruling body (“the Commission”) and running the entire operation like a business”It told us mobsters is not a story but what actually happen in 1970s. “New York and New Jersey police, federal and state prosecutors, and Italian law enforcement officials that cracked an intercontinental heroin smuggling ring run by the Sicilian Mafia”

It is a perfect source for me. I am so excited I found it. It is exactly a real God Father story with FBI version. I am now totally understand why people are so fascinated by God Father during that time. Godfather is a “true” story!

(I am glad I save the last three resources to find historical context. I am so fascinated by this article. FBI is super cool.)

“The structure of God Father”

  • Simon, William. “An Analysis Of The Structure Of The Godfather, Part One.” Studies In The Literary Imagination 16.1 (1983): 75. Art & Architecture Complete. Web. 4 Mar. 2014.
  • The article is about the structure of the God father movie and analyzed the movie’s cultural meaning who it published. As it said many movies about violence was produced during that time. The movie revealed the American society in 1950 s and “The Mafia could be a metaphor for America.” It analyzed how each plot could be significant and cultural context of the movie. Kay in the movie is acted like an American who barely know and could fit into Italian or mafia culture. While the Don Corleone family is like introduced species who rooted in America.
  • The article provided the typical scenes that could be related to American culture and the deep significance of the movie. It also help to understand how the perspective of the movie character and their action could be significant. I will use this article’s analysis when I related the movie with the themes of that time.

“seven lessons “

Besherse, Candace M. “The Godfather: Seven Lessons On Providing Effective Counsel.” Army Lawyer 458.(2011): 32. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 4 Mar. 2014.

The article related how judge could act to the action of Tom in the movie and tell us how could me learn from the movie. The article analyze the  plot of the movie and help to tell how to always consider rationality first. Therefore God Father is not only a violence movie but also has its significance towards education. How the lesson could be learned from God Father may be its meaning and the reason  that it could stay for so long and people still like it and learn from it.

I want to use this article for a proof of God Father’s importance and how it is a great movie but also beyond a movie. The significance of the movie theme is the soul of the movie. God Father could last so long because it is not only the movie. It has its significance in other part and it could be useful in the real society.

“Revisiting Godfather’s film as trilogy”

Poon, Phoebe. “The Corleone Chronicles: Revisiting The Godfather Films As Trilogy.” Journal Of Popular Film And Television 33.4 (2006): 187-195. MLA International Bibliography. Web. 5 Mar. 2014.

The article deny that The God Father should be listed as gangster movie but propose that the rise of Don Corleone is likely the rise of American in new land.  It compared God Father with other gangster movies to show how God father could be different.  God Father also show the aspect of humanity in some way such as Don Vito’s family role. God Father also addressed the aspects of ethnicity in 1960s society.

I plan to use this article to related God father to the view ethnicity in 1960s and today. God Father could still be popular today because American culture is mixture of each countries’ cultures at very beginning. Also the father’s role for Don Vito gives the film the other way of thinking instead of only considering its relationship towards politics and American culture.

“Corleone and Godfather”

Kitahara, Taeko. “The Legacy Of F. Marion Crawford: Corleone And The Godfather.” Journal Of American & Canadian Studies 26 (2008): 83-103. Humanities International Complete. Web. 5 Mar. 2014.

The article linked Godfather with American dreams and social turmoil in 1970s. It gives the social context of the creation of God father and linked God father’s popularity with the new age movement. The article addressed different aspects about the film include America and Italy, catholic religion and human traits. The godfather previewed the multi-cultures in America.

This article could be a great support for the cultural context in God Father. The God father foretell the future so it is never out of time. The article provided me the situation of society when the film created. It also set an example for me to understand how to link the American dream which is a still hot topic to the plots of Godfather. The God Father carries the spirit of the time to present by provide the same topic with different views in today and 1970s.

“Primitive Accumulation and the Godfather Trilogy”

Freedman, Carl. “The Supplement Of Coppola: Primitive Accumulation And The Godfather Trilogy.” Film International (16516826) 9.1 (2011): 8-41. Art & Architecture Complete. Web. 5 Mar. 2014.

This article related Godfather to primitive accumulation and propose that God father reveals the problems of the American politics. As the author mentioned, capitalist try to clearly divide law and criminality but the line is not very clear. (10) God father could be a movie which denounce American politics and reveal the problem of capitalism. It also address some common topics about ethnicity and American dream.

The article provides very detail information about how God father related to American politics therefore I could use the evidence that author provided to prove God father reveals people’s doubts and disappointing about American government. The article also have very good analysis about the scenes in the whole movie from its beginning that Don Vito’s daughter got marry and their Italian family culture which had been affected by American culture.

“Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather Trilogy”

Browne, Nick. Francis Ford Coppola’s Godfather Trilogy / Edited By Nick Browne. n.p.: Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2000, 2000. MU Library Catalog. Web. 5 Mar. 2014

The book talked about the relationship between God father and his creator” Francis Ford Coppola”.It tell the process of  creating the movie God father. It also provide the academic value of God father such as God father provided really precise observation of Italian mafia culture(65,81). However, god father is carefully placed in traditional Italian style since its target is Americans. While we can not deny God father’s meaning to gangster movie. (82)(30)

The book is very abroad and provide the process of  creating movie. The process could be very useful for me since it is a how the movie was originally decided to be made. It also provided the achievement that God father got when it was published therefore we could see it is very popular in its generation.  The book also mentioned how the movie is different from the original book which helps me understand the plot more.