“The Godfather and American Culture”

Messenger, Christian K. The Godfather And American Culture : How The Corleones Became “Our Gang” / Chris Messenger. n.p.: Albany : State University of New York Press, c2002, 2002. MU Library Catalog. Web. 5 Mar. 2014.

The book mentioned godfather could be a challenge for our moral understanding and also is an art of power . (26,33)It tells how godfather could be related to “this family”. (35) It is a black humor about American dream’s relationship between business and family. (39)It also mentioned the relationship between American and Don Vito. (41,43) It contains writer’s view about the creation of God father.

This book gives what God father’s original author Mario Puzo want to demonstrate in his book. It also provides very detail analysis between the themes that Godfather depicts. It will be a good resource for me to prove how American create the god father. It also provide me other people’s idea about Godfather The book also gives valuable research on God father’s author Mario Puzo(c2) therefore I could relate his object of writing this book to people’s reflection about it.


One thought on ““The Godfather and American Culture”

  1. I think this will be a great source for your paper! I like the fact that it pulls together a lot of very separate ideas in order to explain how the Godfather was put together and how it challenges our moral understanding. I think this will be very useful in your paper.

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