“Crime and Corruption”

“Crime and Corruption Across America, 1972-1988.” FBI. FBI, 21 May 2010. Web. 09 Mar. 2014.

The article provide the description of water gate scandal which lead an impeachment for Nixon two tears later. Domestic crimes become a series problem in 1970s and it even widespread from 1960s. The cold war between American and Soviet Union still worries American. “In the 1930s, Charles “Lucky” Luciano had set up the modern-day La Cosa Nostra, (things of ours) creating the family structure (led by “dons” or “bosses”) and ruling body (“the Commission”) and running the entire operation like a business”It told us mobsters is not a story but what actually happen in 1970s. “New York and New Jersey police, federal and state prosecutors, and Italian law enforcement officials that cracked an intercontinental heroin smuggling ring run by the Sicilian Mafia”

It is a perfect source for me. I am so excited I found it. It is exactly a real God Father story with FBI version. I am now totally understand why people are so fascinated by God Father during that time. Godfather is a “true” story!

(I am glad I save the last three resources to find historical context. I am so fascinated by this article. FBI is super cool.)


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