“The Godfather Effect “

Santopietro, Tom. The Godfather Effect : Changing Hollywood, America, And Me / Tom Santopietro. n.p.: New York, NY : Thomas Dunne Books, c2012, 2012. MU Library Catalog. Web. 7 Mar. 2014.

The article describes how Godfather set reputation for Hollywood.(149) It tells the progress that Marlon Brando become the Godfather( c1).

“From a purely technical standpoint, a big reason why Don Vito’s world so effortlessly seduces audiences lies in Coppola’s and cinematographer Gordon willis’s decision to use low lighting levels for indoor scenes. to serve a great artistic purpose by helping to delineate Brando’s character.”(134)

“The godfather may have helped define the zeitgeist of the early 1970s, but the film has stood the test of time because it works as both an epic multigenerational saga and as a story of one family” (148)

“The Godfather did not stop with the audience but extended to the nature of Hollywood itself. The blockbuster rollout and extraordinary worldwide nature of the film’s success came to influence the very manner in which Hollywood henceforth conducted business.” (149)

“The Godfather hasn’t just Italianized America -it has held up a national mirror to the American public and told the truth” (263)

Italian has low status jobs in American because their improper English (263)


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