“Women’s Politics In The 1970S”

Chappell, Marisa. “Rethinking Women’s Politics In The 1970S: The League Of Women Voters And The National Organization For Women Confront Poverty.” Journal Of Women’s History 13.4 (2002): 155-179. Alternative Press Index. Web. 9 Mar. 2014.

1970s is a remarkable time for woman. woman get more working opportunities so their lives could be more independent.(169) Woman began to pay more attention to ask an equal rights. (157) Also women got more chance to be educated. Woman gain their political rights during 1960s to 1970s.

For this resource, my specific target is Kay. The wife of Micheal. We can see from the movie, she is such a strong lady. Kay get college education and meet Micheal at college. She has a kind mind and believe politics could help. She does not want to see her husband become like his father and he got a job when Micheal went to Sicily.


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