Godfather for inquiry two

Thesis: Godfather reflects crimes, political corruptions, ethnicity and women’s role in 1970s and also give many inspirations for people.

I try to stuck all the themes in my research into my paper there are many points to talk about but I am so worried my paper will be too broad since godfather is a very broad and complex film about American society in 1970s and there are usually many ideas you can find in godfather. I conclude my research into crimes, political corruptions, ethnicity, women’s role and inspiration of godfather. Yes, it is a lot. Godfather should be a tiny history book about American in 1970s. I think I need add more godfather’s plot into my paper to enrich my points  and I have many resources need to put the quote in. Also, I will need to find more plots about political corruption. I will watch the move again this weekend to find more plots that could be useful for my paper.


Should I describe more about the movie?

Is the point I illustrate on each paragraph make sense and logical followed?


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