I chose “Is the Literary Canon Still Racist and Sexist?” by Ashley Lauren Samsa. In her article, she summarized the many books that AP test suggests and still she found a lot of books were written by white male and many of them contain racism. I agree with her idea a canon should be equal and fair to all races and both woman and man. I think all book from different type of writers can be very powerful.I also read “The Literary Canon– What Books Should Be Required Reading?” by Meghan Ward, she had a totally different idea with Samsa to let me consider if American had read too much books from different diversities but ignored western culture. Overall. I am thinking about if people could get a balance from both canons or let students vote for what they really think can be helpful.

In China, we read all the books from worldwide both male and female writers so we don;t consider the question so much. I think canon should include diverse books therefore students will able to learn different cultures directly from English class. However, I think the canon now is also valuable as people read it for many years, I believe there are some inspirations people can get from the canon. 



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